Six journalism students at the University of Hong Kong were assigned to tell a digital story. They all felt it was important to choose a story subject that was meaningful and provided value. They realized that fake news online is a huge problem and that it is causing violence in communities in neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

And so they told the stories of two conflicts from Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The team felt it was important to retell the two stories without using any of the original content from Facebook that started the conflicts or to tell the story in a way that appeared to take sides. Using storyboards seemed like a great way to accomplish that.

The team also kept in mind when building this story that both the story and the tools are meant to help educate Facebook users around the world. They felt strongly that the site should be easily accessible to all ages and bandwidths. And because Facebook is accessed on mobile devices more than any other platform, a top priority was responsive design.

Meet the team and click on their photos for more about them:

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