Verification Toolbox

During the Umbrella revolution, the University of Hong Kong’s journalism students became savvy journalists and avid fact checkers. They mostly relied on good old-fashioned phone calling to verify information. But there are plenty of things you can do online to verify without phone numbers.

Find out if that post was made by a real person or a bot with Bot or Not.


Get Youtube video data with Amnesty International’s Youtube DataViewer.


Not sure that email exists? Look it up on Email Checker.


Trace a user’s GeoSocial Footprint and check location data.


Investigate any user’s profile in just a few clicks with WebMii.

Need a source? Find contact information on


Here are some other easy-to-use resources:

Search for rumors on Snopes

Reverse image search on TinEye

Reverse image searching from your mobile phone with QTRLQ

Download the Storyful Chrome plugin to help verify news on the spot

When looking at news on social media, look for verifications from trusted verification sources like Bellingcat and CheckDesk.

Hungry for more? Here are some great tutorials that will make you a verification pro in no time:

The Verification Handbook

The International Journalists’ Network

How to check the upload time of an Instagram post

How to use google earth like a pro

How to Check Social Media Account Authenticity